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About Chelem Yucatan Mexico

Chelem is a small fishermen’s town in the south part of Mexico. Facing the Gulf of Mexico, in recent years Chelem has been transformed into a very hip and cool place to live or spend your vacations.

Chelem has is a strip that runs from Yucalpeten and Chuburna, it also has a big mangrove zone that runs all across the beach area from Progreso to Sisal. Bird watching a great activity in the zone.

Chelem means in English magpie, but also refers to a plant that grows all along the beach area very characteristic in the zone, you will be able to identify it because it looks just like an agave plant but it grows a big stick with flowers, the stick can grow up to 16 feet making the landscape unique.

It is a very popular destination for snowbirds who flock from the US and Canada to spend Winters in warm weather. There is also a big ex-pat community living in Chelem who has formed great alliances with locals to create a very hip a fun community.

Chelem has several options for you to stay, a couple of hotels, beachfront rental properties, lots for you to buy, and build your dream home at very affordable prices.

Come check it out Chelem is waiting for you!

Long term and short term property rentals

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We love life, we love Chelem.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to improve your quality of life. come visit.

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Are you looking to retire in Chelem?

If you are looking to retire, rent long term, spend winters in t Mexico, Chelem is a great option for you.

make the most out of your dollars

Your quality of life can improve dramatically by moving to Mexico, your income will allow you to do great things and improve your overall life style.

be happier

Big expat community currently living in Chelem will make your days fun and interesting, lots of activites happening everyday.


20 minutes away from Merida, a big city with all services and shops!

affordable housing

Rent or Built, you will be able to get a beach front property for less than you think of. 

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